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Top Ten Reasons to Check Out Vi UK NOW!

Why Vi UK and Why Now?

1.  The Vi Vision and Mission

“We’re out to completely change an industry. There’s no company that has the growth, momentum, leadership and opportunity that we have. There’s no level of success that will satisfy us as long as there are still people whose lives can be touched by The Challenge. For my Co-Founders and me, there is no finish line. What excites me most is the lives we can impact together in the years to come. …. Vi will become the largest provider of healthy fast food the world has ever seen”. (Vi Co-Founders)

2.  The Unprecedented Growth

Body by Vi Sales 2010 to 2012

ViSalus Sales Chart 2010 to 2012

3.  The Utterly Brilliant Concept of Challenge Marketing

“Today, we know Vi as the Social Marketing company synonymous with two words: THE CHALLENGE. …. Vi IS The Challenge! …. For the first time ever, Vi has brought network marketing to the mainstream and this fact has enormous implications for us in Europe too!  The Vi Message and Culture will not change – this is a global message.” (Blake Mallen, Vi Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer)

4.  Excellent Products that Work and are Affordable

“Faster than fast food, less money and tastes better than fast food and actually fills you up”.

UK Fast Food Meal  versus    Body by Vi UK Shake Cost

  5.  Cutting Edge Technology

Leading the way with a culture of innovation, Vi fuels its Body by Vi Challenge with the latest and greatest in technology.

ViSalus Vi-Net Mobile Phones ViSalus Vi-Net Swipe

6.  Vi UK Going Viral – Social Media Marketing

“With today’s social sphere, it’s amazing how quickly a simple message that brings real value to a consumer can spread. I’m very proud of our Vi Community” (Blake Mallen, Vi Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer)

7.  Over 2 Million Customers! Unheard of 6:1 Customer to Distributor Ratio

And The Challenge numbers continue to climb!  Nearly 5,000 new people every day are joining the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge.

People Joining the ViSalus Body by Vi Challenge

 8.  The Revolutionary Vi UK Incentive Program – Genius!

It was crucial to our business model that we put great rewards at attainable levels of our Vi Compensation Plan.

 ViSalus UK Compensation Plan

9.  The UK is the first country in the Vi International Expansion!

“Expanding to the UK is in keeping with Vi’s mission to take weight off the world. Given the tremendous impact the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge has had to the health and wellness of millions of people in the North America, we are excited at the prospect of dramatic improvement in the lives of people in the UK.” (Ryan Blair, Vi Co-Founder and CEO)

 10.  Our Vi UK Team is Organised and Ready to Help You Start Building Your Body by Vi Business NOW!

We are part of the biggest team in the UK with local team meetings, UK-specific webinars, updates, information, planning etc and we can provide the all-important on-the-ground UK support, together with friendly, professional encouragement, organisation and assistance. 
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